Instructions For Equipment


               The street address is 55 West End Road, Herne Bay, Auckland.

               The property is marked on Google maps.



Should the Fire Alarm be triggered leave the building immediately. A siren will sound and the speaker system will sound an alert. Fire extinguishers are available on both levels. Call 111 and alert the fire brigade.

In the event that there is a false alarm the system can be silenced by turning off the audible alarm. This can be done by accessing the panel which is located behind the mirror inside the bathroom closest to the front door. There is a small key taped to the top of the panel. Insert the key into the silence slot and turn the alarm to the off position.

Please notify the hall manager ASAP in order that the fault can be rectified by an on-call service company.




  • To open both the door and unset the alarm enter the code assigned into the keypad by the front door.


Before leaving make sure you check the following.

  • Exterior doors are closed (tilt door on boatshed, basement door, balcony sliders)

  • Office door is closed
  • Stairway to downstairs door is closed
  • Appliances and air cond turned off (except chiller if in use)
  • Lights are off
  • Check the alarm panel that zones are all in order and nothing is open
  • To lock the door and set alarm PRESS and HOLD the ARM button on the keypad inside the front door (press ARM again to cancel)
  • This will activate the door lock and start the alarm countdown giving 60 seconds to close the door
  • The red light on the outside keypad will activate after the countdown stops.

Note it is your responsibility to ensure premises are secure whilst you have access.



Wireless Broadband is available. This will be active only while the alarm is unset.

SSID (network name) = AV CONTROL

Password will be provided



There is a free Council carpark located adjacent to the building with 30 carparks including one disabled.

More parking is available on West End Road.



The CONTROL PANEL is located on the wall on the left side of the quarterdeck. The instructions are detailed below. Connect devices by cable to outlets below the panel or use Apple Airplay where applicable. Cable inputs are HDMI, VGA or RCA.

The control system makes use of Apple Airplay so you are able to stream wirelessly from an Apple device. In the case of Android devices or PC, these must be connected by cable. Alternatively there are apps available for Android devices such as AirSync and DoubleTwist Pro but always check that apps are current since Apple iOS updates can render them useless.

Both the Projector and TV can be used to pick up the Freeview or SKY (see below) signals or can be used to project input from Airplay or the cable inputs below the CONTROL PANEL

If you have any doubts about the compatibility of your equipment please do contact us or arrange to test it prior to your event.


Press the home button twice to turn the panel on and bring up the “S” icon.

Press the “S” icon and the AV system Home page will appear.

Select one of the options at bottom of screen

  • Apple TV
  • MIC -RCA
  • HDMI
  • VGA
  • Freeview

Then choose services required

  • Projector
  • Television
  • Speakers

Control volume from your device or control panel

Use buttons at top of screen to navigate back to home screen.

The home screen will display what is on eg “APPLE TV is on in SPEAKERS”

If you encounter any problems go back to home screen and select “SCENES” at top right and then select option “ALL OFF”. This will reset the options and enable you to start over.


  • Connect your Apple device to the WiFi.
  • To connect to Airplay on your Apple device swipe up from bottom of screen or diagonally down on later models.
  • Make sure volume on your device is set to LOW to avoid any surges.
  • Select APPLE TV to connect and select Mirroring option if applicable.
  • Select desired sound or video on the Apple device
  • Adjust volume on either the CONTROL PANEL or the device.


  • Choose input method on the CONTROL PANEL (HDMI, VGA, RCA or Airplay see below)
  • Select Projector button and sound if required
  • Wait a few minutes for the projector to warm up
  • Pull down the screen (lower boom on flag pole if necessary)
  • Connect the appropriate cable from your device to the outlet below the panel
  • Use the display control on your notebook to select mode to Duplicate, Projector Only, Disconnect Projector, Extend. Generally this will be hold Fn button and press F8 or hold Windows button and press P.
  • If using an Apple device it is also possible using Airplay to connect Apple TV wirelessly and mirror this to the projector. Note video content obtained through Safari generally does not work so it is necessary to use another browser such as Google.
  • Turn off projector before leaving by unchecking the Projector button

More advanced connections can be enabled for both PC and MAC using products such as AirServer and Miracast.

NOTE - The projector is programmed to turn itself off after 30 mins of no signal input. To restart simply enable in the CONTROL PANEL


  • Ensure switch is turned on (labelled and located behind TV in kitchen)
  • Enable Television at the CONTROL PANEL
  • Use the TV remote to select the appropriate source
  • Leave TV volume at zero
  • Use the CONTROL PANEL to adjust volume and channels


Select Microphone on the control panel. Turn microphone on. Adjust volume.


Connection is available for a SKY TV decoder. This must be connected by the hall manager. SKY can be played on the projector or TV.



Remotes are tethered to the wall next to the units.

Make sure units are turned off before leaving.

AIR CONDITIONER instructions

  • Turn ON
  • Set MODE to AUTO
  • Adjust TEMPERATURE to suit
  • Adjust Up/Down AIR SWING to suit
  • Left/Right AIR SWING to AUTO
  • AutoCOMFORT to OFF




This dish rinsing machine is not a domestic washer but designed as a commercial steriliser to final rinse dishware, cutlery and glassware. All items should be rinsed before placing in racks in the machine. Wash liquid is automatically dispensed from a reservoir. The main switch is located above the bench. Cycle 1 = short, 2 = medium and 3 = long wash.

Turn the machine ON well in advance of using. The machine will require at least 30 mins to warm up. To enable the machine to warm up quickly between cycles run the hot water into the sink till hot. This will reduce the amount of cold water in the line.

The machine is designed to start its cycle only if temperature in the main tank (4b) is over 83 degrees.

  • press 1 to turn on
  • wait until operating temperature is reached (83 degrees on LED 4b). The green dot in lower right corner indicates machine is heating.
  • green light 6 will turn on when working temperature is reached. The machine will not start until 83° is reached.
  • press 2 repeatedly to select wash cycle as shown by LED 5 [generally level 2 (2 mins) is OK for most purposes]
  • press 3 to start (press 3 again to stop early)
  • always remove rack as soon as cycle finishes (do not leave machine loaded or running when locking building since power main turns OFF when the building is locked.

If using intermittently the machine will go into power save mode. Either press the ON button to restart or load the machine and press start. Machine will heat to 83° and start automatically.



The chiller is on an essential circuit so will remain operational when the building is shut down and alarmed. Check that the chiller switch on the upper wall is ALWAYS ON. If turning off the chiller use only the blue switch on the front of the machine.



To use the oven and hotplates make sure they are turned on at the wall (two large on-off switches).

Hood extractor fan must be turned on – turn on switch underneath light switch and set fan speed on control box next to oven.

The 3 oven controls are self-explanatory and allow control of timer, temperature and steam if required.

To clean oven run for 10 mins at 55° and 100% steam. Let surfaces cool and clean with warm soapy water or appropriate cleaners. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or pads.



The master switch for the zip boiling water unit is located above the bench.



Trestle type tables and folding chairs are stored in the cupboards closest to the sliding doors. A lectern is available and stored in the cleaner’s cupboard next to the kitchen.



Hall Manager – Sandie Casano, 021 352 670,