Hawke Calendar

Please refer to the mahitahi events calendar for up to date information about what events we are attending.

The following calendar gives new members an understanding of potential weekend commitments for the most popular and regular events through a year.

Scouts are encouraged to attend events, but we understand sports and family holidays may mean youth miss some events.

Term 1 - February to April

- Founders day (weekend camp, all sections, MoanaRua Zone event)

- Northland Regatta (kai iwi - scouts+venturers, UNI)

- Auckland regatta (scouts+venturers, UNI)

- Orewa day regatta  (scouts+venturers, UNI)

Term 2 - May to July

- Pio Pio (senior scouts and venturers)

- Group Camp (all sections, @ Mangawhai of recent)

Term 3 - August to October

- Sandford Leadership camp. (Auckland - Senior scouts)

- Senior Cub Camp - (Auckland - Cubs from MoanaRua Zone) 

Term 4 - November, December 

- Hamilton regatta (Day event, Hamilton lake)

- Kayaking carnival (Onehunga Day Event, Cubs+Scouts - Zone event)

January Holidays

- Jamboree or national regatta (alternative years)

Plus more!

There will be many more events and opportunities on offer. 

Mahitahi Events Calendar 

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