Volunteer Commitments

How a Scout Group works:

  • We are a community that helps young people to learn positive skills and develop friendships for life.
  • Parents/Caregivers/Guardians are an integral part of the Group’s success.
  • We are 100% voluntary and self-funding – leaders are not paid.
  • We are not a kid-sitting service.

Sign off required for the following:

  • I, <<Full Name of Primary Adult>>, agree to <<Given-name of child>> becoming part of SCOUTS New Zealand at Hawke Sea Scout Group and fully participating in its adventurous activities.
  • I agree that photographs taken during activities and events are the property of SCOUTS New Zealand and may be used in publicity and marketing of SCOUTS New Zealand.
  • I agree to share in the organising and running of this Scout Group.
  • I agree to provide required additional information online via the secure OSM system once I had been sent my login details.

Parent’s Charter:

  • encourage my child to be well behaved
  • ensure my child is registered and fees are paid
  • ensure all contact and health details are up to date
  • ensure all activity and camping costs are paid promptly
  • volunteer time to the Group

Examples of Volunteer Roles:

  • Kea, Cub & Scout leaders, and adult helpers
  • Sailors & Patrol/Safety Boat Skippers and Crew
  • Group Activities – Regattas, Group Camps, Ski Trip
  • Events co-ordinator
  • Fundraising/grant applications
  • Equipment organiser (Quartermaster)
  • Property maintenance and gardens
  • New Member Waiting List and Communications
  • Weekly Emails and Attendance
  • Electrical, Plumbing, Building
  • Sewing 
  • Bookkeeping + Treasurer
  • Pro-bono legal advisor
  • Transporting other youth to events
  • Towing boats
  • Working Bee 

Who can be a leader?

  • You can be a leader. Volunteer, police vetting, and complete child safety, and scouts essentials training minimum.
  • You can be an adult helper. Volunteerpolice vetting, and complete any training you would like to.
  • Do you want to remain at the side of the room? Even if you don't want to stand up front, it's important to have plenty of adults with the status of warranted leader, so we can safely run a night compliant with the rules. Warranted leader status is also required to access confidential information required to do some of the administrative tasks listed above.

Who must complete the volunteer process

  • Any parent or guardian or adult who wants to attend camps
  • Any parent or guardian or adult who wants to attend events
  • Any parent or guardian or adult who wants to help on more than occassional evenings

The process to becoming an adult helper 

  1. Complete the NZ Scouts Volunteer form
  2. You will receive an email subject "Scouts Aotearoa Membership Application - Police Vetting Required", with a link to an additional online form to authorise police checks. Please click that link in that email.
  3. This police check form will specify who you will show your ID to, and confirm that you consent to a police check.
  4. Your ID should be shown to a section leader in person, and/or Reuben,Gretchen or Craig. It should be an A class ID like drivers license or passport with a photo. Plus you need to provide a second ID such as a bank card with your name embossed. The viewer of your ID should take note of your birthday and full name. Perhaps you can let them take a photo of it.. 
  5. The leader who you showed your ID to, will receive an email subject "Police Vetting ID Verification Request" for them to confirm your full name and birthdate is the same as what they viewed on your ID.
  6. Wait for a few weeks for your police check to complete.
  7. When the police check is complete, you will get a login for Mahi Tahi, and the group leader will receive confirmation of your police check. 

The process to becoming an leader

  1. Follow the same process as becoming an adult helper above.
  2. In addition to the police vetting check, you will receive an email requesting references (people who can attest to your good character). Look for a link in that email to submit your references. These referees will be contacted by Scouts NZ and asked questions about your good character.
  3. After allowing for the police check time, and for Scouts NZ to do due dilligence, your will receive a login with Adult helper status. 
  4. You will need to some preliminary training (at least)
    1. An online child safety assessment. 
    2. A scouting essentials training course 
  5. Over time you should complete additional training. For any leader who complete appropriate training, Hawke will credit the 1 term youth membership fee as a small way of saying thank you.

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