Child Safety

Keeping our youth safe. The following card will be made available in our foyer for youth or parents.

And for adults

In summary

  • No adult or leader should be alone with a child. There should always be 2 adults in a room where youth are present.
  • At drop off, parents should remain with their youth until such time as they have confirmed 2 warranted leaders are present. 
  • All leaders are police vetted. All warranted leaders have background checks completed. 
  • All adults who attend camps must be police vetted, by completing the volunteer form on the scouts website.

Learn more about safeguarding on the scouts website

Youth Responsibilities


It's important that youth also feel safe from each other.

All youth should show follow the scout law: "Have respect, do what is right, be positive."

Youth or parents should report any bad behaviour to a leader, section leader, or the group leader.

We will treat any complaints about bad behaviour seriously.

Please review the NZ Scouts Policy on Bullying and Harassment

Please review the NZ Scouts Policy on Complaints

Other policies can be found in Mahi Tahi in the resources section 

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