Keas – School years 1-3

Kea Clubs provide safe and nurturing environments for children to have fun and develop their creativity…

As a Kea you will interact with nature and learn to share through co-operation and teamwork.  Keas meet weekly at local Scout Halls and engage in both active and quiet games, stories, creative crafts, play-acting and singing.

The Kea motto is: ‘I Share, I Care, I Discover, I Grow.’

As a Kea you will:

  • have lots of fun and go on awesome adventures
  • play heaps of games and make lots of friends
  • earn Award badges
  • learn the Kea Promise and Motto
  • learn to sing the Kea Song and Kea Yell
  • take part in National Events such as Keas Day, Founders Day and Mudslide Day

Scouting NZ Info – Keas