How a Scout Group works:

  • We are a community that helps young people to learn positive skills and develop friendships for life.
  • Parents/Caregivers/Guardians are an integral part of the Group’s success.
  • We are 100% voluntary and self-funding – leaders are not paid.
  • We are not a kid-sitting service.

Sign off required for the following:

  • I, <<Full Name of Primary Adult>>, agree to <<Given-name of child>> becoming part of SCOUTS New Zealand at Hawke Sea Scout Group and fully participating in its adventurous activities.
  • I agree that photographs taken during activities and events are the property of SCOUTS New Zealand and may be used in publicity and marketing of SCOUTS New Zealand.
  • I agree to share in the organising and running of this Scout Group.
  • I agree to provide required additional information online via the secure OSM system once I had been sent my login details.

Parent’s Charter:

  • encourage my child to be well behaved
  • ensure my child is registered and fees are paid
  • ensure all contact and health details are up to date
  • ensure all activity and camping costs are paid promptly
  • volunteer time to the Group

Examples of Volunteer Roles:

  • Kea, Cub & Scout leaders
  • Sailors & Patrol/Safety Boat Skippers and Crew
  • Group Activities – Regattas, Group Camps, Ski Trip
  • Events co-ordinator
  • Fundraising/grant applications
  • Equipment organiser (Quartermaster)
  • Property maintenance and gardens
  • Pro-bono legal advisor

Other Costs To Consider

  • Camp Costs (Approx $85 per 2 day camp for food+accomodation, varies per event)
  • Activity Shirt ($25) Purchase from Hawke, free size upgrades. (This is a fast drying shirt good for water events)
  • Formal Blue Shirt (Approx $49) Purchase from scouts store, but some 2nd hand available from Hawke. (This is the one badges go on)
  • Gear for camping. Sleeping bag, camp stretcher or foam mat.
  • Hawke will provide scarf, woggle. Also life jackets and helmets for sailing.
    Gear list required

More about how Hawke helps your child develop

Find out more in this Scouting NZ booklet