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Cox’s Bay and its surrounding residential areas are very different from what existed here when Hawke Sea Scouts was first established here over 80 years ago. Society has changed and with it our expectations as parents and citizens. Despite these changes Hawke Sea Scouts continue to provide something which is valued by parents and children alike. Within the Scouting framework our youth are encouraged to extend themselves, enjoy themselves and integrate themselves into the community.
Scouting has changed over its 100 year history, Hawke has also changed in its 80 years, but the basic philosophy still works.I feel that Hawke helps the community by providing a safe and exciting programme for our youth, in addition to the venue being a place where small community groups can pursue other activities, such as yoga, drama and dancing.
The current building, "The Ship", has been in use for over 50 years and during this time has had limited maintenance carried out, much of this from voluntary working bees.
Two years ago the building was re-piled ensuring the foundations were sound; this was a major exercise costing the troop over $50,000. We are now embarking on an ambitious project to renovate the building and bringing it up to a standard that will ensure it will provide a safe and suitable venue for the next 50 years.
The refurbishment will firstly benefit the group, but will also allow greater use by the community and provide a much needed source of revenue for the group from private and corporate bookings. It would also mean that the Cox’s Bay would look more attractive than it does at present, as the exterior looks somewhat dilapidated. Please join me in supporting this wonderful project. This is an opportunity for you to make a real difference to your community and its young people; now and in the future.
Craig Whitehead
Group Leader
Hawke Sea Scouts

If you are able to assist Hawke, in any way, with continuing to provide a service to the community please contact us.

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