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Venturer Unit

Suitable for both genders aged from 14 to 18 years.

Hawke Venturers meet for at least 2 hours once a week and have frequent weekend camps and regattas, for more details contact the Venturer Leader

The Hawke Venturer Wesite

Venturers are responsible for their own programmes and frequently join with the Scout Troop for regattas, camps etc.

They can also pursue the Young New Zealanders' Challange (DofE award) as part of the programme

The Venturer section objectives are:

  • Participate in an adventurous training programme which will equip them for safe enjoyment
  • Build self esteem and confidence
  • Have fun and enjoyment
  • Develop leadership and inter-personal skills
  • Develop new interests and constructive leisure activities
  • Test their values and opinions
  • Make informed choices
  • Encourage voluntary participation and empowerment
  • Take responsibility for their own actions
  • Contribute to the local and national community
  • Acquire life skills and learn about current issues
  • Explore spiritual development

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