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Hawke Scouts meet for 2 hours in the evening once a week during term time, take part in weekend camps and regattas during the summer terms and race in the sea scout cutters throughout the winter. A major component of the Hawke Sea Scout programme is sailing, as pairs in Sunbursts and as part of a team in the Sea Scout cutters. Hawke is fortunate in having Scout leaders who are experienced and enthusiastic sailors. When not sailing, activities (camping, skiing, tramping etc.) are organised around the patrol structure, which encourages teamwork and leadership. Leadership and skills courses are also run throughout the year. Scouts work towards a final goal of achieving chief scout and/or queen scout, coastguard certification and, as an option, completing the Young New Zealanders Challenge Award. For an insight into the pinnacles of the scouting year look at what we do at regattas. For a view of some of the training check the photo gallery.
The programme is suitable for girls and boys aged from 10 1/2 to 14 1/2 years. More details of the principles behind the scouting programme can be found here.

The Scout Promise
On my Honour
I promise to do my best
To do my duty to my God
To the Queen and my country
To help other people
And live by the Scout Law

The Scout Law
A Scout is loyal and trustworthy
A Scout is considerate and tolerant
A Scout is a friend to all
A Scout accepts challenges with courage
A Scout uses resources wisely
A Scout respects the environment
A Scout has self respect and is sincere



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