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Keas is a fun programme designed for children aged six and seven years.
Keas is fun and exciting.
Keas get involved in activities that allow them interact with nature, create and learn to share though co-operation and team effort.
Keas is a simple, flexible and positive group experience where the accent is on SHARING and FUN

Kea Scouts work towards the same goals as all other SCOUTING sections, helping young people develop into better citizens in our community.

Hawke Keas meet for 1 hour once a week, for more details see the contact page

Hawke Kea Club is so popular that it is often oversubscribed - we recommend you contact the Kea Leader early.

Typical Activities: Games, Crafts, Campfire Cooking, Nature "Treasurehunt" Walks, Puppet Shows, Kayaking, "Yacht Racing" (see picture above), Camping Skills, Overnight at Kelly Tarltons - Maritime Museum, Bike Night, Fishing and many other fun filled challenges

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