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The Cubs, boys and girls aged from 8 to 11 years, meet once a week for one and a half hours - most evenings our cubs come away saying, "That was great fun!". If they dont, we look at what went wrong. They will have been challenged in a vast range of games and activities designed to help them learn skills, teamwork and leadership in a non-formal educational setting.

Part of the Cub Scout method is based around the reward of badges for achieving a well defined task in an area of individual or group interest. Some of the more popular are described below.

Bike badge ~ On bike nights cubs bring along their bikes and they are looked over and bike warrant of fitness' are given. Also safety on bikes is talked about. We take them to the local school where a course is set up and cubs travel around a confidence course where they have to show that they know the appropriate signals for the road.

First aid badge ~ Here cubs are taught first aid skills. Basic bandages, pressure on wounds and other first aid techniques appropriate to the age group are shown.

Swimming badge
~ There are three stages of swimming badges each stage getting progressively challenging. To achieve each stage of badge, cubs must achieve a range of activities including swimming, diving and safety in the water.

Other badges include, athletics, artist, reading, computer, cooking, camping, conservation, entertainer, explorer, fishing, heritage, hobby, homehelp, maoritangi, music, naturalist, pet, photography, scientist and sports.

Wero badges ~ There are three wero badges, bronze, silver and gold. Wero is Maori for challenge. To achieve each stage of wero badge, cubs carry out a range of activities that leads towards each badge. Each cub night, cubs do small activities, which leads towards their wero badges. These activities include, outdoor challenges, physical achievements, creative activities, my country and other countries activities, and super me cub challenges.
There is an annual cub weekend camp at a local scout camping facility where the cubs gather and do activities such as team building, flying fox, tramping, obstacle course, beach activities, swimming, water slide, making camp fires, crab searching and cooking on a camp fire.

Other cub activities ~ Jewelry making evening (usually around Mother's Day!), egg flying nights, camp fire evenings, hobo stoves, kayaking, creating and racing model boats, knot tying, quiz nights and, of course, games.

Cub leaders receive training and are vetted by New Zealand police to ensure that all cub activities are undertaken with care for the cubs' emotional and physical safety. We encourage parents to get involved as leaders, it is as rewarding for adults as it is for the kids!


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