How a Scout Group works:

  • We are a community that helps young people to learn positive skills and develop friendships for life.
  • Parents/Caregivers/Guardians are an integral part of the Group’s success.
  • We are 100% voluntary and self-funding – leaders are not paid.
  • We are not a kid-sitting service.

Sign off required for the following:

  • I, <<Full Name of Primary Adult>>, agree to <<Given-name of child>> becoming part of SCOUTS New Zealand at Hawke Sea Scout Group and fully participating in its adventurous activities.
  • I agree that photographs taken during activities and events are the property of SCOUTS New Zealand and may be used in publicity and marketing of SCOUTS New Zealand.
  • I agree to share in the organising and running of this Scout Group.
  • I agree to provide required additional information online via the secure OSM system once I had been sent my login details.

Parent’s Charter:

  • encourage my child to be well behaved
  • ensure my child is registered and fees are paid
  • ensure all contact and health details are up to date
  • ensure all activity and camping costs are paid promptly
  • volunteer time to the Group

Examples of Volunteer Roles:

  • Kea, Cub & Scout leaders
  • Sailors & Patrol/Safety Boat Skippers and Crew
  • Group Activities – Regattas, Group Camps, Ski Trip
  • Events co-ordinator
  • Fundraising/grant applications
  • Equipment organiser (Quartermaster)
  • Property maintenance and gardens
  • Pro-bono legal advisor

More about how Hawke helps your child develop

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